The concept

Moben offers new, proprietary technology called view2surf™ which opens new market : on-line mobile advertising delivered directly on data traffic, regardless of the content viewed and the applications used

View2surf™ generates new ads space in between stream of web pages or applications used by end user, smoothly inserts interstitial full screen ads. View2surf™ consists of dedicated, server controlled, supportive Android application running in the background which aim is to push ad content on top of any running on device applications.

Everything resembles the video advertisements that appear while using Youtube. The difference is that the ads appear while using any applications and browsers

The ads space may be used for large, full screen videos, motion banners as well as for rich media content. Local solution provider may sell ad space to the third party ad networks or use it for own marketing communication.

The ads revenues may directly support free data or may be used for rewarding users with top-ups

view2surf™ – and business solution behind join mobile carriers and internet service providers to the huge advertisement market, with most lucrative full screen rich media ad space. It roots to well known TV model where broadcaster shows ads in between viewed content.


Buckshee™ is a perfect solution allowing free or sponsored mobile data. Solution is available to all subscribers on their current SIM cards and does not require any physical distribution nor provider change.

Based on view2surf™ technology, Buckshee™ is an Android application allowing easy integration with any mobile carrier. Zero rated billing setup is enough to offer subscribers free, unrestricted mobile data sponsored by advertisers. No need to change local billing systems or perform complicated network core integration.

When zero-rated billing is set to this traffic, subscriber may use internet without any charge and view2surf™ takes care of monetization

Buckshee™ works as fully automated VPN application which diverts complete subscriber’s data traffic to the platform server with view2surf™ technology applied. When zero-rated billing is set to this traffic, subscriber may use internet without any charge and view2surf™ takes care of monetization.

When simple zero-rated setup is still not possible with local mobile carriers, ‘free mobile data’ access may be replaced by ‘reward-browsing’ where every specified data package (ie 250MB) spent with Buckshee™ subscriber is rewarded with sample product, coupon, discount etc.

Buckshee™ allows exact user geolocation and profiling.

Network neutrality

view2surf™ is 100% network neutrality friendly solution, allowing subscribers to visit any web sites and web services. view2surf™ is not limiting or cutting subscribers Net behavior at any point.